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Monday, June 4, 2012

Forbidden Soul Bond

~Chapter 1~
~Found At Last~
The blinding pain in her head caused her to moan and groan as she struggled to sit up. Even though her eyes were still shut she sensed someone watching her. As another agonizing rush of pain flooded her head she struggled to open her eyes. The pain subsided slightly as her eyes finally opened. She scanned her surroundings for a short time before her mind finally cleared. Her words came out in a soft whisper, not intended for anyone to hear but herself alone, “How did I end up in a dungeon and why does my head hurt so badly.”
The sound of chains clanking together drew her attention to her unknown cell mate. His eyes connected with hers sending shivers down her spine. A vampire, out of all the people in the world to be stuck with it had to be a vampire. Her mind screamed out in joy as she noticed his well-defined bare chest. Something deep within her body started to throb with need.
His voice came out softly with a reply to her question. “Evil guys brought you here. As for your head, they threw you in here, not very nicely neither.” His bright red eyes continued to watch her as she struggled to stand. A small grin formed upon his face as she growled and mumbled soft threats of death to those who threw her in the dungeon.
She gripped the bars then stated through closed teeth, “I’m going to kill ever last one of them.”
“You do that, Beautiful.” He felt her desire building just as his was doing the same. Something deep within his soul was demanding him to mark her as his own. Never in his life had he felt the need to mark a female, and out of all the females in the world it had to be a sexy young witch. She would be hard to seduce and even harder to mark. It was well known that vampires and witches despised each other and would rather die than be mates, but Justin could not deny the need to feel love and desire like he felt within his soul as her eyes reflected the same back at him. He would go against all the laws of nature to have her even the laws of death would not hold him back from marking her as his.
Maria continued to struggle against her feelings for her mortal enemy. To help calm herself more she decided to talk to him as an enemy would, “I will and then I will kill the vampire in the cell with me.”
Justin’s breathe caught within his lungs as he watched her mentally struggle against their bond. So he played the little game right back at her. “Awww, tsk tsk, Lovely, I was here before you.”
“Awww, the poor vamp got caught off guard?” She chuckled lightly as his grin widened.
Her laugh sent thrills surging down his body. He studied her body as he replied, “I see a little witch that had the same problem.” Then his grin grew as her body started to shiver.
She struggled to hold her emotions in check as his grin and eyes brought her body into a burst of flames. Her words came out in the form of a plea instead of a command, “Stop giving me that grin.”
He chuckled a little as her female scent drifted through the air. Her body’s temperature continued to rise as well as his need. One word managed to escape his lips finally, “Why?”
Maria’s breathe caught within her throat as she melted beneath his gaze, “Because, you should be mad, not happy to see me.”
His soft laughter instantly drew her out of the trance, “Baby, if a man has a woman all to himself, why would he be mad?” Mad is not what he was feeling at all, and he knew for a fact she was burning just the same.
Words of fire and desire lashed out at him, “You, Moron, we are in a cell. Not only that. You are chained to the wall.”

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Reviews :D

Review by: nancy defreitas on May 01, 2012 : starstarstarstar
I thought this was a very good book and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a very good read.
A Must Read and a MUST Own!! March 25, 2012   By addicted2books 5 stars
Review for Forrbidden Soul Bond By Beth Fullaway

I was given this amazing book to review from the author herself. I was honored to read and when I started reading it I couldnt put it down. It grab my attention right away and kept it.

Maria and Justin werent meant to be. Their kinds have been at war for centries, killing each other and causing the other side pain. Well when Maria and Justin are locked in the same cell together some sparks start flying when they shouldnt be. See Justin is a vampire and Maria is a witch. Justin soons realizes that Maria is his soul mate, and will do everything to make sure that she is his. But when something happens to Maria, and causes her to have two soul mates instead of one. Justin will do everything in his power to make sure that he is Maria's one and only soul mate. Will they live happily ever after?

This book was amazing! A Must read and own for 2012! The teasing Justin and Maria does to each other is unremarkable. So much love and hate in this relationship. I found myself laughing when they were teasing each other and crying when something happened to Maria. The relationship Beth makes them have I am jealous of, you could sense the love through the pages of the book (or in my case through the screen).

The book deserves a rating that hits the skies! 5 out of 5 stars
Awesome! March 24, 2012 By SupermanBatmanTeamup 5 stars
A really great book and the price was right too. Definitely worth reading. Beth Wright has hit a home run with this one. Give it a shot, you might be surprised.
Awesome New Series!!! April 9, 2012 By S. Ford 5 stars
This is the start of a brand new series by Beth and I loved it. It follows Justin and Maria he is a vamp and she is a witch. Sworn enemies but they get thrown into a cell together and immediately feel an attraction for one another. Justin teases Maria at every turn and even though she tries to act like she doesn't feel it Justin knows she is only hiding her true feelings. However their time together is short as Maria is killed in the process of trying to protect Justin. But what he doesn't know is his mate is going to be reincarnated but if Justin can't get over his anger he might miss out on his second chance with Maria.

I fell in love with Justin immediately. The chemistry between Justin and Maria is written so well. If you have read Beth's first series than you know she loves to throw twists and turns that make you love her characters but want to scream at them. I can not wait for the next book to see what happens with Justin and Maria.

If you haven not read Beth's books than you need to put her on your buy list. She is on mine. You will not be sorry you did. 5/5 stars

Battles of the Heart By: Beth Wright

A strong gust of wind brings the scent of blood to the Vollian Vextor Savior as he walks through the remains of another victoriousbattle. He pauses as one of his Warstarters approaches him. The Warstarter bows his head in honor to his Vextor Savior before stating, "It is another victory." He pauses as their eyes scan the area and notice those they have lost today. "The fact we have lost fewstill does not change the fact that we took a great losswith this victory." His face turns back to his Vextor Savior's as he continues, "It was a great honor to be able to fight by your side, Talnaz."
"It was an honor to fight by your side as well, Honval." He turns slightly to watch one of the Warvictors lift yet another lifeless Vollian body off of the blood drenched ground. "A few dead is still to many," he says under his breath.
Honval knows the one that was just takenaway was Talnaz's youngest son. His heart goes out for Talnaz's loss. He diverts his attention back to Talnaz then softly adds, "Yes, I agree." Another dead body is lifted and takenback to their village. "I will find five fertile ones for you to mate today." Talnaz nods his head in acceptanceof his friends offer. "I would mate you myself if I was fertile, but I will not be fertile for another three months." He diverts his eyes to one of his sons being carried towards them. Then lowers his head in sorrow as he places his hand uponhis sons chest and feels no heart beat. He knew he was dead by the way the large wound had left his insides exposed.Fighting back tears he nods to the one holding his son. The Warvictor nods, then vanishes into thin air.

Reviews :D

Review by: Dawn Gray on Jan. 19, 2012 : starstarstarstarstar
Great book, can't wait to find out what happens.

Review by: nancy defreitas on Jan. 07, 2012 : starstarstarstarstar
This was a good book and I highly recommend it to any one who wants a good read.
Review by: D X Luc on Dec. 17, 2011 : starstarstarstarstar
I truly enjoyed this book! I love a good erotica and this was on the hot hot hot level! Great read.
Review by: Brittany Carrigan on Oct. 30, 2011 : starstarstarstarstar
This is definitely a genre of books that I don't read too often. I have read several other books by the author so I was intrigued to see what she had come up with this time. Her imagination is incredible and her writing is addictive. This book has some explicit scenes but they draw you into the story line and keep you reading. The characters are amazing yet again and so well described that you feel like you know them personally. Definitely a good read if you are into the erotic genre.
Review by: lucy smith on Oct. 27, 2011 : (no rating)
Review of: Battles of the Heart, an Ebook by Beth Wright
Well, what can I say, the sex scene are graphic but they draw you into the story. I like the idea of another race that can turn male or female. I thought the characters were loveable, and that Beth writes (excuse the pun) from her heart and uses all of her imagination to the very best. Well done Beth! :D