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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vultar's Tellianar Part 1- X-rated Version

The smashwords link to it :) This is short and free to read :)

Here is a sneak peak :D

The night chill starts to drift through the dungeon walls. I approach her sleeping form and notice a few minor cuts upon her beautiful face. Tronarc is now standing at our bars looking down at her. His smile is large as he relays the message that she has been found. All my men rejoice at the news, but I fear my love may die before I can even talk to her. Her delicate body is now chilling over and turning a light blue tint. I swiftly lift her body up into my arms holding her close to my chest giving her the heat needed to stay alive. My body thrives for more as hers warms up. The bond pulls and tugs at my very soul to mark her and never let her go. I gaze down at her soft lips instantly my body reacts unlike it has ever done before. I feel my manhood grow harder and throb with need.
Never in my life have I ever desired to mate a female. Now I feel as if I will die if I don’t mate this one. With my manhood hard pressing against my armor I start to wonder if this is a normal reaction. It has never grown hard before. Shuddering with uncontrollable need I push the new feelings aside as I study her beautiful face.

She moves as if in a dream state, her lashes flutter lightly as her beautiful pink lips move as if whispering. A smile covers my face as she softly says, “Turn down the music Damon.”
I look into her mind and find what she is doing. She is dreaming about her family from Earth. Sorrow clouds over as I watch her memories of how she was captured. Anger covers my soul as I watch them hit her. I will kill them for touching her in such a way. They will all die as soon as the others come to our rescue, but until then they will never be able to take her from my cell. My calming abilities start to flow through her mind sending memories of family and loved ones to the back of her thoughts. Now she will only think of them from time to time, instead of all of the time. My soul aches to send the thoughts to her of not to fear me but I push them aside, for I wish to meet her without my abilities clouding her own judgement. I hold her within my embrace all night long, listening to her heart beats as she continues to sleep. All of my men are now whispering amongst themselves. I cannot help but smile when I hear them talking about giving her a name. I search her soul, mind, and body for the perfect name. As it dawns upon me, Tronarc chuckles and then whispers it to the others. In unison they all agree on the name that will now be my mate’s. Looking up to them I capture all of their smiles upon me as I continue to hold and soothe her within my arms. Enjoying the new emotions and feeling of having her in my arms I slowly glide my hand over her warm flesh. She feels so wonderful and soft. How can someone so beautiful and gentle be mine? Fate has pleased me with her and I will do everything possible to keep her by my side.

Desire and Fate Update

Desire and Fate is now with my publisher :) It is going through edits as we speak. I am working with the cover artist on hopefully having the cover done today :D So excited, I can't wait to show all of you the cover and book trailers :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mystic Press will be publishing:

Desire and Fate-August 2012
The Devil's Pet Kitten-September 2012

Here is the book trailer for The Devil's Pet Kitten :)